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Red Feather and the Great White Bear

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Red Feather and the Great White Bear

If you are seeking a children’s book that involves a little history, a lot of mystery, learning about nature, and life lessons of how to treat each other; then Red Feather and the Great White Bear is worth your time to read….and read to others. It enforces the truth that each one of us has a gift to share and a mission to help one another. Kids need to be entertained, but they need to be taught how to become good adults. Hopefully, this book will keep their attention while also helping them build self esteem and a willingness to be kind and help others. Learn about the plants and animals of the Appalachian mountains, and the former and current home of the proud Cherokee people.

About the Author:

Chuck Smithey is a grandfather with a lifetime of outdoor experience as a hunter, fisherman, Boy Scout, naturalist, and product of nature. College degrees in Wildlife Biology and Zoology meshed with his deep love of the outdoors. His abiding respect and awe for creation always caused him to be a tireless student of all living things, plant and animal. The woods are where he goes to “recharge his batteries” and think the deep thoughts. Nature teaches many lessons, and Chuck wants to pass on his love, knowledge, and experiences not only to his children and grandchildren, but to all who will listen, and seek to love and learn from the great gift of our outdoor world. Many stories are shared around campfires with others. The story of Red Feather grew from one of those camping trips sharing popcorn around a fire, and fulfilling that special request…..”tell us a story”.

  • Author: Chuck Smithey
  • Illustrator: Anna Rose Garrett

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