Dock and Bay Towels

Shop Dock and Bay Quick Dry Beach Towels from Fruit of the Vine Online Boutique!

Never heard of Dock and Bay? Well, you are in for a treat!

Dock and Bay has changed the beach towel game. They reinvented the beach towel - they are quick-dry, super absorbent, smooth against the skin, sand-free (it brushes right off!), compact for travel and easy to care for. They're also sustainable and made from recycled materials. 

Do yourself a favor and grab one (or a few) of these towels before your next beach, pool, or lake trip. You'll thank us later!

Dock and Bay's Cooling Towels have also been a big hit for anyone who dreads the summer heat or needs to cool off after a workout. Their cooling towels make great gifts for golfers, gardeners, and even kids playing sports this summer.