About Madilyn Dowell

Madilyn was born and raised in Wilkesboro, NC. She has two sisters - aka her built-in best friends - and two dogs, Max and Stella, that she loves with her whole heart! Her parents, Eric and Monica, are her biggest supporters and she is forever grateful for them! Madilyn enjoys the NC mountains and spending time outdoors kayaking and hiking. She was homeschooled from 4th grade through high school and after dual enrolling, graduated high school with her associate’s degree.

From a very early age, Madilyn was drawn to music. If you ask her mother, she’d tell you that Madilyn practically sang before she talked. At the age of 9, Madilyn began taking voice lessons, but soon decided to learn guitar, piano, violin, and bass. At the age of 12, she joined her church’s worship team and began to realize God’s calling on her life to be a worship leader. In pursuit of this calling, Madilyn attended Liberty University where she completed her BS in Music and Worship. During her time at LU, Madilyn experienced a tremendous acceleration in her spiritual growth and felt God opening her up to something more. After college, Madilyn interned at a church in Myrtle Beach, SC where she was blessed to cultivate her worship leadership skills and realize her heart for women’s ministry.

Her life seemed like it was on the fast track to great things, but it was not without struggle. In 2017, Madilyn began to experience problems with her heart. She endured constant racing heart rates, dizziness, and other bizarre symptoms that often led to fainting. Her symptoms became increasingly aggressive and eventually caused her to take a step back from the things she loved most. Madilyn and her family sought out several doctors and specialists who ran every test under the sun, but her condition remained a mystery. Madilyn did her best to manage her health through college and her internship while still clinging to hope, but the temptation to lose heart was persistent. Yet through it all, the Lord was with her and did not fail! Madilyn believed wholeheartedly that the Lord would bring her healing, and He did! In January of 2022, in an act that could’ve only been a work of God, Madilyn was diagnosed with Lyme Carditis - a heart condition caused by Lyme Disease. Her care team developed a treatment plan that fully restored her health within 6 months! Madilyn gives all the praise and glory to God for not only bringing her healing, but also wholeness! Now she looks back on her trials with gratitude, knowing that it shaped her testimony and equipped her for ministry in ways she never could’ve imagined.

Madilyn moved back to Wilkesboro in the Fall of 2022 and is currently working towards her MA in Ministry to Women at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. She finds joy in teaching music lessons and loves to help her young students find the same passion for music and worship that she has. Madilyn currently attends Unified City Church where she serves on the worship team and is involved with the women’s ministry. She recognizes the cultural need for truth and seeks to be a voice that proclaims God’s truth over worldly “truth.” She desires to point women back to who God says they are and return to the biblical model of empowered womanhood. Since joining the team in October of 2022, Madilyn’s passions find their fulfillment in her work here at Fruit of the Vine. She views every customer interaction as an opportunity to bless and be blessed. The launch of Fruit of the Vine Faith has given Madilyn’s heart for ministry a platform and she is so excited to see how God uses it for His glory! Madilyn looks forward in faith and expectation to the things that God will accomplish through Fruit of the Vine and the team of incredible women that have become like family to her.