About Beth Vannoy

Beth married her husband Jay in 2009. They have two boys, Tate and Alec, and two dogs, Bella and Gabi. Beth is originally from North Wilkesboro, NC. She attended Wake Forest University, then moved to San Diego, California to attend law school at California Western School of Law. She practiced law in California and Nevada before returning to her hometown to marry her husband, Jay. Through her legal career, Beth was afforded the opportunity to start the legal department at Window World, Inc., where she also serves as their Chief Legal Officer and serves on their Board of Directors.

Beth also enjoys philanthropic work. She is the founder of Minutes Matter - MCADD, a nonprofit founded in her son’s honor, that raises awareness about the rare metabolic disorder, MCADD, and advocates for more timely newborn screening. She is also the co-founder of Angel of Hope NC, a nonprofit she and her business partner Christie Younger founded to provide assistance to impoverished children and families in their local school system. Beth is a member of Wilkesboro Baptist Church where she serves on their Preschool Committee.

From an outside perspective, she had it all. But as Beth grew in her faith, she felt the need to do something more to fulfill her purpose in this life - which is to spread the gospel. She prayed about this, trying to determine what it was that God wanted for her life.

While avidly working in their careers, Beth and her husband Jay decided to begin their family. It was through the birth of their second son that their world forever changed. Six days after their son’s birth, they learned that he was affected by the rare metabolic disorder, MCADD. In 2018, Beth felt that the Lord was leading her to start a nonprofit in honor of their son, and to raise awareness about the rare disease. One thing led to the next. Through her nonprofit, Minutes Matter - MCADD, she became connected with ONEHOPE Wine, a company that gives back to rare disease through wine sales. Beth enjoys a good glass of wine, and loved ONEHOPE’s mission. Most importantly, ONEHOPE gave back to the rare disease community, so Beth decided to get involved.

Beth’s mother is an entrepreneur, and she opened the doors of her antique shop for Beth to host wine tastings for her customers. Beth felt like the Lord was leading her, and she did her best to open her heart and mind to follow His lead. Her mom carved a space out of her antique shop for Beth. She began offering faith based gifts for people to shop during their wine tastings. She felt like this would be an opportunity to share her faith with others. She eventually began offering gifts, clothing and accessories….overtaking her mom’s space. Before long, Beth again felt led by the Lord. This time, to open the doors to her own brick and mortar business, an upscale women’s clothing boutique in her hometown, and rooted in her faith.

She opened Fruit of the Vine Boutique in her hometown of North Wilkesboro in late summer of 2019. She felt God’s hand in this as she began setting up shop. He placed the business space, people, inventory and furnishings in her path in a way that only He could. Beth eventually hired a manager for her boutique which allowed her to juggle her career and her new business. The business began to grow, and expanded online. Her long-time manager tendered her notice, deciding to spread her wings and start a career of her own. The end of this “era” for Fruit of the Vine was yet another stepping stone to “us”.

Although she was unsure of how she was going to manage both her legal career and the business, Beth was uncharacteristically at ease about this transition. She felt confident that the Lord, in His time, would send someone else to help her at Fruit of the Vine. She casually mentioned to a friend that she was looking to hire someone, and this friend brought Ashley to Fruit of the Vine. The rest is history.