About Ashley Frazier

Ashley Frazier was born in Danville, VA, to two remarkable parents, Thomas Parcell and Kathy Thompson. A few years later her journey led her to Greensboro, NC. After graduating from NWHS she pursued higher education at Western Carolina University, earning a degree in Business Management - Pre Law in 2004. Upon graduation, she embarked on her professional journey, joining Lowe’s Companies, Inc.

Celebrating 12 years of marriage to her husband, John, Ashley is blessed with four wonderful children and two cherished dogs. After a decade in project management, she transitioned into the role of a stay-at-home mom upon the arrival of their son, Matthew.

In 2020, Ashley returned to the workforce, taking on a new career path as a Fraud Investigator with the State of N.C. An unexpected offer prompted contemplation about relocating to Raleigh, but after much deliberation and prayer, Ashley and her family decided that Wilkes was where they belonged.

A chance conversation with Beth opened the door to a surprising opportunity as the Brand Manager at Fruit of the Vine Boutique. Grateful for the countless blessings bestowed upon her family, Ashley embraces each new opportunity with humility and joy.