The Story Behind: Anchor Beads

One of our favorite jewelry lines that we carry is Anchor Beads. Keep reading to learn about how this brand came to be.

Amber Godwin's daughter, Georgia, was diagnosed with Leukemia in May of 2014. The following summer, Amber began making jewelry for as a hobby and donated a portion of the proceeds to childhood cancer research. 

Georgia's "beads of courage" documenting her journey through treatment.

Georgia was hospitalized in the PICU before Thanksgiving and was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive secondary HLH Syndrome, Amber's hobby became her therapy while Georgia was on life support. On December 10, 2015 Georgia entered the gates of Heaven and was forever healed.  Her life on this Earth left quite an impression on many and brought them closer to our Heavenly Father.  

One way in which Amber honors Georgia's life is by creating jewelry to help raise money for childhood cancer, which affects so many. The name "Anchor Beads" was derived from the Godwin family's favorite verse - one they clung to since the day Georgia was diagnosed. Hope Anchors the Soul... Hebrews 6:19. Georgia always said her favorite word was "Anchor." 10% of the proceeds are given to Childhood Cancer Research in memory of Georgia. 

Anchors Beads and Fruit of the Vine thank you for your support!


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