How You Can Support Small + Local Businesses during COVID-19

As we navigate this COVID-19 pandemic together, we hope that you will continue to support small and local business like ours. Whether you make a purchase, big or small, or support us in some other way, we appreciate it! 

Here are some FREE and easy ways that you can support us and other small, local businesses during this time and in the future:

  1. Follow us on social media! Our Instagram is @fruitofthevine4acause and our Facebook is @FruitoftheVineonMain
  2. Like, comment & share our posts! The more comments, shares, thumbs up and hearts the better - this allows our post to show up in more feeds, which can really make an impact! Tag your friends if you think they'll like our post or products!
  3. Subscribe to our newsletter! This is the best way for us to offer exclusive discounts and let our customers know when we get new merchandise in. Can you say, "first dibs!"
  4. Tell your friends and family about us! Send them a link to our Instagram, Facebook, and/or website. 
  5. Post a picture! Or a story of something you've purchased from us, something you've got your eye on or just a shoutout post with our info. 

These small actions really make a big difference in our eyes! 

If you're able to support us through a purchase, here are some "COVID-friendly" products that you can enjoy while staying in and staying safe:

Take a minute & read! Click here: Books We have options for EVERYONE! 

Reset with some tea - check out the Refresh Sugar Free Tea Sprinkles + Citrus Ginger Tea Drops for an immunity boost! 

Relax & run a bath. We have fun kids soaps and much more!

Hang a birdhouse while the weather is nice!

Try some new recipes or bake some cookies & use this to jazz them up!

Try a Pink Picasso Paint by Numbers Kit - be sure to send us a picture of your finished product and we'll feature it on our social media!

Take a look at our other products and purchase a gift card to give as a gift or to use at a later date! We appreciate all the support during this time and hope everyone is staying safe. 

You can book a private shopping appointment through our Facebook page. 

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