Big News! Introducing the expansion of Fruit of the Vine Boutique & Fine Art: A Fusion of Fashion, Faith, and Artistry

North Wilkesboro, NC - March 12, 2024 - Three visionary women, Beth Vannoy, Christie Younger, and Ashley Frazier, have joined forces to embark on an inspiring journey of creativity, faith, and entrepreneurship with the merger of their respective ventures. This collaboration heralds the expansion of Fruit of the Vine Boutique & Fine Art, a unique establishment poised to redefine the landscape of fine fashion and jewelry, Christian literature, gifts, decor, and fine art created by Christian artists in North Wilkesboro and beyond.

With faith and ambition as pillars for each of the three women, they share a common goal yet bring a unique perspective with them on their journey.  Their shared conviction in pursuing a higher purpose laid the foundation for this innovative venture that intertwines fashion, faith, and artistry.  

Fruit of the Vine Boutique was founded by local attorney, Beth Vannoy. Her journey from corporate law to boutique entrepreneurship is a testament to the transformative power of faith and resilience. As a member of the Board of Directors and the Chief Legal Officer at Window World, Beth's professional trajectory seemed to epitomize success from an outsider's perspective. However, the birth of Beth’s second son and his diagnosis with the rare disease, MCADD, began to stir a deeper calling within her soul.  In 2018, she founded Minutes Matter - MCADD, a nonprofit dedicated to raising awareness about MCADD and the need for more timely newborn screening.  Beth’s path then intertwined with ONEHOPE Wine, a company dedicated to giving back to the rare disease community (among many other causes) through the sale of their wine.  It was through this partnership with ONEHOPE that she began Fruit of the Vine.  In her free time, she offered wine tastings in her mother’s antique shop, raising awareness and money for her nonprofit.    

Drawn by the magnetic pull of faith and entrepreneurship, Beth’s vision for Fruit of the Vine began to evolve.  Despite the challenges of juggling her legal career and entrepreneurial pursuits, Beth remained steadfast in her conviction that the Lord would guide her path.  She fervently prayed for a godly friend, unaware that Christie Younger was also petitioning for the same. In a remarkable twist of fate, their prayers were answered abundantly, guiding them towards a friendship that blossomed unexpectedly but profoundly, yielding abundant fruit.

Christie Younger's path to her career as a world-renowned artist as well as her family’s eventual move to North Wilkesboro was guided by prayer and obedience. In 2021, the flourishing artist made the leap from Raleigh to Wilkesboro, uncertain of the reasons behind this unexpected transition. 

Christie's creations have graced the pages of international magazines, adorned top art galleries, and captured the hearts of collectors worldwide. Her journey in the competitive world of art has been nothing short of extraordinary, with appearances on HGTV and exhibitions spanning the nation, and exposure to hundreds of thousands across the globe. Amidst the accolades and acclaim, Christie remains steadfast in her faith, attributing her success to divine guidance. "God directed my path to paint, He led our move to Wilkesboro, and answered both mine and Beth’s prayers for deep connection and friendship based on a mutual trust and obedience to Christ, and we continue to seek His will in all our endeavors," she affirms.

Their decision to merge their talents and aspirations crystallized in early 2022. Over the next 2 years, the floodgates of ideas opened and the collaboration between the two would make them inseparable, a testament to the predestined nature of their friendship and shared vision. They inspired one another, enjoying the bond that they were creating while making business plans, and welcoming the opportunity to help others in their community.  In December of 2022, the duo came together to found a local charity, Angel of Hope NC, which provides assistance and funding to local schools to assist with expenses from hardship experienced by the county’s large population of impoverished children.

“Christie and I joke about having the same brain.  We often have the same thoughts and ideas.  One of us will start talking, and the other is wide-eyed, realizing that in that moment we are completely intertwined with the same thought.  It was like this from day one with us.  We have big dreams and plans and we work really well together.  We have so much fun, what we do doesn’t even feel like work.  She is the sister I never had”, remarks Beth.  

Fruit of the Vine continued to grow, and in late 2021, Beth began looking for a Brand Manager for the boutique.  With a background in project management and merchandising at Lowe’s Companies, coupled with Ashley’s vibrant personality, Beth found her to be the perfect fit.  She began work at Fruit of the Vine in January of 2022.  Beth brought Ashley in to assist with Angel of Hope, which allowed Christie and Ashley to collaborate and develop a friendship.  “I knew that Ashley’s heart for service would create the perfect trio between Christie, Ashley and me.  It sure did.  In more ways than one”, reflected Beth.  

"I am right where I belong," said Ashley, her voice infused with a sense of divine purpose. "The friendships with Beth and Christie are more than business partnerships; they are akin to sisterhood. Their unwavering faith has inspired me to grow in my own journey of faith."

United by their friendship and shared faith, these three women are poised to revolutionize the intersection of fashion, art, and spirituality. Their mission is not only to provide a curated space where people can shop for fine fashion, art, books, home decor, and gifts, but also to spread the gospel message through their products and services. 

In addition to their boutique and gallery, Fruit of the Vine is set to expand its horizons by introducing a new design line. Leveraging Christie's artistic flair, the brand will venture into clothing, furniture, textiles, wallpaper, and other bespoke products, offering customers a unique blend of style and spirituality. Additionally, the art gallery will promote Christian artists, including Christie herself, whose work is highly desirable and adds a distinct touch of inspiration to the brand's offerings.

Also part of our Fruit of the Vine Family are Madilyn Dowell and Paige Phillips. 

Madilyn joined the FOTV team in October of 2022, and she is profoundly grateful for the path that led her here. She completed her BS in Music and Worship at Liberty University and is currently pursuing her MA in Ministry to Women at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. With a deep-seated passion for music, worship, teaching, and sharing the love of God, her ultimate goal is to empower women in their identity as daughters of God and equip them to embrace the callings placed upon their lives. She finds fulfillment in realizing this vision through her work at FOTV. Madilyn Dowell is augmenting the team's capabilities in launching Fruit of the Vine, Faith, a faith-based platform dedicated to sharing the good news through various mediums including social media, books, devotionals, art, podcasts, and events. 

Fruit of the Vine joyfully welcomes Paige Phillips into our community. With valuable experience supporting Christie in her art business, Paige brings a wealth of insight into the vibrant world of art. Currently pursuing a major in Psychology and a minor in Communications at Appalachian State University, she blends her academic background in Marketing and Advertising seamlessly into our team. In her role overseeing both marketing efforts and directing the operations of the art gallery, we eagerly anticipate the infusion of Paige's creative energy and expertise into our endeavors.

"We are thrilled to embark on this journey together," says Beth Vannoy. "Fruit of the Vine is not just a business; it's a testament to our shared values and commitment to making a positive impact in the world."

Christie Younger echoes her sentiments, stating, "Our goal is to create a space where faith and creativity converge, inspiring individuals to connect with their spirituality in new and meaningful ways."

"We are humbled and inspired by the journey that has led us to this moment," declares Ashley Frazier. "Fruit of the Vine is a testament to the power of friendship, faith, and shared purpose."

Beth, Christie, and Ashley invite the community to join them in celebrating the expansion of Fruit of the Vine Boutique, and now, Fine Art, as they embark on this new chapter. 

For more information and updates, visit the About Us page of our website.

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