BEETTAN Sunless Tanning: An Honest Review

As the temperatures begin to warm up and Spring gets closer, it's time to change out our wardrobes. That means trading our jeans and long pants for shorts and dresses and trading our long sleeve tops for short sleeve and sleeveless tops. If you're anything like me, this can be an uncomfortable time if you've not had the chance to get a bit of a tan. When I start dressing for Spring while I'm still dawning my winter pale skin, I feel like I look... funny, to say the least. But even if you want to do the sunless tanning route, tanning beds aren't good for your skin, spray tans are messy and unreliable, and self tanners can be very streaky, orange looking, and all-around user un-friendly. So what do you do? I've taken the time to review a sunless self tanning system to give you my honest review and show you that self tanning doesn't have to be scary. Introducing... BEETAN!!
BEETTAN Sunless Tanning products.
This unique sunless tanning brand derives tanning pigments from DHA (beet extract), which also includes Caffeine Extract, Kukui Nut oil, and Niacinamide to promote the appearance of smooth skin, provide skin hydration, and restore dull or aging skin. How cool is that?! Let's explore some of BEETAN's claims. On their website, they state their products are vegan, paraben free, and PETA approved. Their products are designed to provide your skin with hydration, nutrients, and a natural tan for all skin types. Additionally, BEETAN is non-comedogenic, meaning it won't clog your pores and is safe to use even on your face! BEETAN provides a mess-free application, and a streak free, smudge free, natural tan that'll eave you looking sun-kissed rather than like a cheeto puff. 
For the sake of this review, I tried the self tanning mousse and the tanning lotion. I tested these products over 2 nights to ensure consistency in results. On the first night, I applied the Tanning Mousse first to my right leg using the Deluxe Mitt. Per the instructions, the first step for the mousse said to apply the product to dry, freshly clean and lightly exfoliated skin with the Deluxe Mitt. It is recommended that you use long, sweeping circular motions to ensure an even blend and use sparingly on joints (i.e. elbows, knees, knuckles, wrists, ankles). I followed this first step precisely using 4 pumps for my entire leg. Throughout the application process, I was thoroughly impressed with how mess-free and blend-able the formula was. Another perk was that the mousse smelled AMAZING. It was a refreshing light coconut and fruity scent, but it was not overpowering. The second step said to leave the mousse on for up to 8 hours and shower off with lukewarm water and no soaps or scrubs. I left the mousse on overnight for the full 8 hours. It was very comfortable on my skin and did not leave me feeling sticky or greasy. My skin felt nourished and looked radiant.
I also applied the Tanning Lotion on my left leg, using about 4 pumps overall. The formula was very hydrating and it smelled incredible too! A bit fruitier than the mousse, but still not overpowering. It was easy to blend and didn't leave any residue, but since the formula is colorless, I do recommend being very careful to blend it out thoroughly to avoid streaking.
The next morning, to my delight, the tanning mousse had not transferred onto my clothes during the night, nor did it stain my sheets and blankets. In my experience, self tanning mousses always stained clothing and sheets when I slept in them overnight, so this was a huge win in my book! After I rinsed off per the instructions, I was impressed by the results. On the leg that I applied the mousse, my tan looked very natural, but there was a noticeable difference from before. There was no streaking, and I achieved an even tan. On the leg that I applied the lotion, I was surprised that my tan was darker than the leg that I applied the mousse. Typically, lotions produce a subtle change that builds over time, but this lotion provided instant results. The undertone of the tan from the lotion was a bit warmer than the tan from the mousse. I moisturized my skin with my preferred lotion as usual, however the instructions do recommend to use the Beet Butter after rinsing to melt the tan together and extend the longevity of the tan. Below are the results from test 1!
Sunless tanning results: left leg, lotion; right leg, mousse.
On the second night, I applied the tanning mousse to the upper half of my forearm and my hand, and the tanning lotion to the lower half of my forearm and elbow area. I taped off the middle of my arm so you could really see how distinct the before and after was. I followed the same steps as before, and slept in the tan overnight for the full 8 hours again. Now y'all, if striping up my arm like this doesn't prove how committed I am to giving you an honest review, I don't know what will! Below are the results from test 2!
Before and after of tanning lotion and tanning mousse on arm.
All in all, I was thoroughly impressed with both products. I will say that I am partial to the tone of the Tanning Mousse, but if you're looking for a quick application with serious results, you'll love the Tanning Lotion! If you're going to a wedding, an event, on a vacation, or you just want to get your summer glow on, this tanning system is a great skin-friendly option for you. You can shop the lotion and mousse online or in store today We also carry the Face Tanning Water, the BeetButt Blending Butter, Self Tanning Eraser, Deluxe Mitt, Mini Face Mitt, and the Deluxe Back Applicator Mitt! I hope this review has been helpful to you, and maybe eased your mind about sunless tanning. Be sure to let us know if you try these products and what you think of them!
Madilyn at FOTV.

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